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Why Checking In With Your Breath Matters


In this age of technology, it can be hard to find time for ourselves. Our lives are filled with constant noise and busyness and it’s easy to forget that we need to take moments for ourselves to stay healthy and balanced. One simple but powerful way to do this is by checking in with your breath. Taking time to connect with your breath gives you a chance to slow down, recenter, and reconnect with yourself.

Let’s explore the benefits of taking time for this practice. 

Reduces Stress Levels Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 6.42.09 PM
The most immediate benefit of taking time to check in with your breath is reducing stress levels. By focusing on your breathing, you can begin to restore balance and peace within yourself, helping you to relax and slow down. This can be especially useful when dealing with difficult situations or feeling overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. When you take the time to breathe deeply, it helps you to reconnect with yourself and find equilibrium again.  

Improves Focus Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 6.41.56 PM
When we are stressed, it's hard to focus because our minds are all over the place. Taking a few moments each day to focus on your breath can help improve concentration and focus as well as reduce mental fatigue that comes from trying too hard to concentrate on something for an extended period of time. It also helps clear away any distractions or worries that may be distracting us from being productive. 

Increases Self-Awareness Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 6.41.37 PM
Taking time out for yourself helps increase self-awareness by allowing us to observe ourselves without judgment or criticism. This means we become more aware of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviors, and habits - both positive and negative - so that we can make changes where necessary or reinforce good habits that help us reach our goals more easily. This process also allows us to recognize our strengths and weaknesses better which will help us create strategies for improvement if necessary.  

Overall, taking some time each day to connect with your breath is an important part of connecting with yourself. It’s easy enough – all you need is just five minutes out of your day. Pay attention to the way that you breathe; notice how it affects different areas of your body like tension in the shoulders or tightness in the chest area. Being mindful of how you are feeling physically as well as mentally is key when it comes to improving self-awareness and overall well-being. Hope you try this simple yet powerful tool. Thanks for reading. :)


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