Understanding Clean Beauty

close up of  beauty hygiene container on white background with clipping pathWhy clean beauty is so important to overall health? What do the common buzzwords really mean? Why you will want to be aware of Greenwashing?

Clean beauty refers to personal care and beauty products that are free from toxic ingredients.

Cruelty Free - are products not tested on animals.

Vegan - Means non of the ingredients contain anything derived from animals and the product ingredients are all plant-based.

Natural - is using ingredients from nature. This does not mean it is clean or safe. For example,
Arsenic, Lead, Poison Ivy are also found in the products.

Organic - The ingredients in the product have been treated using pesticides, herbicides or growth hormones.

Green Beauty - Are products made using plant-based ingredients and meet specific eco-friendly sustainability standards.

Sustainable Beauty - All aspects of formulation and packaging adhere to specific sustainability standards. For Example, the packaging is made from post-consumer waste, is recyclable and bio-degradable.

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