Soluble Fiber From Yellow Mung Dal


Among all the lentils, Yellow Mung Dal (Mung Beans) is one of my favourite sources of plant-based protein. I like that it is one of the lighter varieties of lentils —  yet so nutrient dense with a high protein content. This gorgeous lentil is low in fat and calories and very  quick to cook. It may help in weight loss/maintain a healthy weight as it can help you feel fuller and you can benefit from eating meals on time by avoid unnecessary snacking - all of which may contribute to weight gain and digestive problems.

Similar to other legumes, Mung lentils are an abundant source of non animal protein and most significantly high in soluble fiber, also called "pectin". Pectin aids digestion in several ways by speeding the transit time of material through the digestive tract and helping you stay regular.

Mung also ranks high several important vitamins like B vitamins, Potassium, Calcium and Folate

This Dal recipe is light with a soupy consistency. You can make it more hearty (Like Chilli) and add in  vegetables of your choice. I have added chopped organic kale in place of cilantro to give it an additional nutritional kick. Dal would work really well with a flatbread/rice as a side.

Enjoy your gut-healthy version of Mung Dal and choose organic dal whenever possible. Hope this dish tickles your chi and brings you a lot of comfort and joy in mindbody and spirit.

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