Pick More Local Produce


Sweet Potatoes with dirt. Getting back to eating locally and seasonally may help reclaime our microbial diversity through small exposures to nutrient-rich soil, dirt and plant oils — which in turn might help us strengthen our immunity and heal our gut. By adopting simple choices with daily exposures to nature and its microbial diversity, influences our own microbial diversity which can bring balance to our gut. Produce from farmers markets are usually riper and fresher, also less likely to be sprayed or waxed with pesticides as compared to the supermarkets.

However, if produce are contaminated with pesticide residues, they can be unhealthy and cause damage to our nervous systems causing a host of other degenerative disorders.

The best way to avoid the harmful exposures to pesticides is to buy organic versions of produce as much as possible. Thankfully, buying organic is more easily accessible in most supermarkets and organic online grocers like, Misfits Market, Imperfect Foods and Boxed Greens, to name a few.

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