Heal Your Gut. Tip #2

Pretty woman eating a salad in the kitchenEat Mindfully.

"Mindful eating is eating with intention while paying attention." - Kati Konersman RD. CDE.

This practice helps your mind and body stay in sync to determine when you are full or nearly full. Bringing your awareness to what you are eating, listening to your body's cues when it is hungry and full - keeps you in the moment and more connected with the process. Eating smaller portions puts less demand on the digestive tract. Keeping your portion size small in addition to using a smaller plate puts less pressure on the digestive process.

Try not to talk while eating and eat slowly. Conversations are important while at the table but keeping your attention towards the food in front of you and channeling your energies into its consumption will only enhance enzyme production and be a useful agent in digestion. Always remember, digestion begins in the mouth and the more you chew - the better your food will be broken down and the digestives enzymes are released more efficiently in your mouth before it enters the stomach. This helps our food to be broken down properly and digestion to be optimal.

Saying a prayer and giving thanks to the food on your table. The people who have worked hard to deliver the ingredients to you, the farmers, the soil, the sun, the air, the water. All the elements that have come together to give you the meal you are about to eat. Acknowledging and showing gratitude sends a positive vibration to your experience and thus helps put you in a state of mindfulness while eating.

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