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Heal Your Gut Tip #8. Give Fermented Foods A Try.

Posted By: Leena Mahtani


Full of beneficial bacteria — fermented foods aid in maintaining a healthy balance of gut flora which can contribute to overall well-being.

The rich probiotic content of fermented foods play a significant role in protecting against digestive disorders.

Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Raw/unpasteurized & fermented pickles, along with several other vegetables are the most popular kinds of fermented foods available to us. The varieties of fermented foods that are, (most importantly) -  in their raw form are nutrient-rich which help nourish our gut flora which in turn supply so many benefits to our general wellbeing. Most fermented vegetables are cultured via the process off lacto fermentation, which occurs when vegetables are sliced up and then salted, enhancing their nutrient content. The beneficial bacteria in fermented foods produce enzymes that are extremely beneficial for gut health by creating a protective lining in the intestines which provide a barrier against pathogenic bacteria.

Pickles provide a rich source of vitamin K - a key vitamin in cardiovascular and bone health. 

These edibles have a significantly longer shelf-life and are safe to ingest for a longer period of time thanks to their low pH and high acidity.

Sadly, the factory manufactured modern pickles do not provide the genuine flavor neither do they have the higher degree of probiotics and health benefits compared to that of the traditional pickles and methods used by our ancestors.

Give lacto-fermenting a try and improve your gut health.

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