Exercise & Your Gut Flora

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What we eat surely has a big impact on our gut health but a common belief that nutrition is the only factor that has a significant effect on our gut health is a misconception. This is just one factor considering the big picture of how to keep our gut microbiome healthy.

Incorporating physical activity is just as important as nutrition. Consistent movement and a healthy gut are closely related. 

Movement keeps sickness awayYour gut and immune system are very closely linked. 80% of your immune tissues reside in your digestive tract. It is estimated, over 100 trillion bacteria live in our gut microbiome. Both, the good and the bad bugs contribute to preventing disease and improving our overall health. This is a delicate cycle and when repeated, stays in balance. 

The formula looks something like this; Incorporating consistent exercise = Improves gut health = Improves immune system function = A happy gut = Radiant health.

It takes some positive self talk and motivation to get moving and staying active with a choice of activity that suits you best and one the keeps you physically and mentally engaged. Research shows that a fitness regimen improves our healthy microbes in the gut after just six weeks. Hence, a fitness regime is important. All these factors lead to a surge of endorphins and will keep you a rhythm. Try to commit to 15-30 minutes of physical activity each day - while keeping consistency as your gut health goal.

"Adopting a new healthier lifestyle can involve changing diet to include more fresh fruit and vegetables as well as increasing levels of exercise." — Linford Christie

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