Belly Lovin' Pizza


Meatless Monday got a little more interesting with a few inspiring ingredients to choose from our Thrive Market basket. Pizza seemed to be the popular vote so I chose to go with a gluten free crust keeping it vegan. I was more interested in adding my creative spin with the toppings and decided to go with the flow using what I had available.

For the crust, I used the Simple Mills almond flour pizza dough mix. For the base, I used a light layer of Primal Kitchen's Classic Unsweetened BBQ Sauce and for the toppings, I sliced up some fresh figs , a few leaves of organic spinach from Freita's farm, Lightlife's plant-based burger crumbs, Field Roast's Chao vegan shreds and topped it off with a generous drizzle of Colavita's roasted garlic extra virgin olive oil. If you would like to make it low FodMap — a good quality garlic infused oil will be a better bet.

After baking just the crust for 15 minutes and making sure the crust was not too crispy, I then added the toppings and the pizza went back into the oven for 15 minutes.

Enjoy your gut-healthy, gluten-free pizza, using the ingredients available to you while making it a fun and a creative way of expression. Hope this dish tickles your chi and brings you a lot of comfort and joy in mind, body and spirit.

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