Aloe Vera & Digestive Health


Freshly available high quality nutrition does not have to be overpriced. Produce bought at a local farm stand has several advantages and save us food miles. Meaning, there are less hands involved in their transportation and the local farmer does not have to share the profits with the transportation company and the super markets. Being able to have a conversation with your local farmer, helps you understand the factors involved in his/her farming practices. Giving you a better understanding on the produce and how it is grown. 

Almost all green leafy vegetables carry huge amounts of nutrients and there are so many to choose from. This week, at the farmers market, I was pleasantly surprised to see Aloe Vera plants at Freita's farm stand and it made think of all the wonderful benefits this healing plant has traditionally been used as a natural topical first aid relief for skin irritations and sun burns. Beyond the topical usefulness – Aloe Vera is also greatly beneficial for our digestion. Once ingested, it helps the digestive process by carrying enzymes like amylase, which break down starches and lipase, which help to break down fats from food. Incorporating Aloe Vera juice (always in small quantities) with it's high fiber content may assist in staying regular and help maintain our beneficial bacteria preventing gut dysbiosis. 

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