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3 Ways to Keep Your Gut Healthy

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Did you know that your body contains more bacterial cells than human cells? Most of these bacteria live in your gastrointestinal tract and are known as the gut microbiota. This bacterial ecosystem forms immediately after birth and throughout your life determines your resistance to disease, allergens, pathogens, food poisoning, and the onset of mental health issues.     

Signs that your gut health is compromised include digestive symptoms such as constipation, gas, bloating, reflux, and diarrhea

Even if your gut hasn't had a good start in life, there are steps you can take to strengthen your gastrointestinal tract and increase your resistance to disease.   

Eating foods to which you are allergic triggers an inflammatory response in your gut that can damage the lining of your intestines. A food allergy test can help you narrow down the foods you are sensitive to, or you can start an elimination diet. 

  1. Correct your diet 

    A diet high in sugar and low in nutrients encourages the overgrowth of certain bacteria andScreen Shot 2022-09-09 at 10.02.43 PM yeast. Candida albicans is a good example of a naturally occurring yeast that can cause thrush and bloat in excess. Bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine should also be investigated and treated.   

  2. Reduce stress levels
    Supporting a balanced stress response is critical to maintaining gut health. The phrase “I feel sick to my stomach” is an accurate description of what happens when weScreen Shot 2022-09-09 at 10.05.21 PM experience stress. Chronic stress disrupts the balance of the gut microbiota and alters the gut nervous system, which can lead to damage to the gut wall. Getting enough sleep and exercise are critical to relieving stress.

  3. Remove parasites
    Even if you've never traveled abroad, your gut could be harboring parasites. Lab tests can help detect a parasite infection, or you can watch for general symptoms such as fatigue, diarrhea,Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 10.07.16 PM constipation, bloating, and unexplained weight loss. Talk to your naturopath about how to safely eliminate these parasites without further damaging the intestinal lining.  

    A healthy gut is vital to your overall health, as it is essential for nutrient absorption, immunity, and mental health. Your gut is filled with a variety of friendly bacteria, fungi, and even viruses. The environment they create is called your microbiome.

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